This is based on the height of the boy

This is based on the height of the boy. It is recommended that you measure how high the baby costumes is before buying clothes for the baby. Because Costumes the three-year-old baby is high and low, there is no way to give you an accurate judgment. If you are really embarrassed to ask, you can do this. Generally, the height of a baby is about 100cm when you are 3 years old. When you choose clothes, you can choose 100 yards of clothes. If you want to wear it, you have some opinions on clothing matching. I hope my answer. Useful to you. You are right, college students should really start paying more attention to their dress. Advocating attention to wearing is not to encourage unnecessary comparison, a person’s attention to their image is the performance of their own responsible person, maroon hair, clear Danfengyan, like a bright amber, high nose, seductive sexy Thin lips. Wearing a clean white shirt, the buttons are only loosely tied to the bottom, while the top is open, revealing a strong wheat-colored skin, and a dark suited trousers with no wrinkles. The whole person exudes a kind of wildness and unruly

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