How do boys make Halloween clothes?

How do boys make Halloween clothes? You can find an old dress first, then cut some cloth and simply stick it behind. . . Plus some decorations on the clothes, the head can be used to make a hat with a cardboard to find a paper tote bag, A3 white paper is attached to the inside, the hardness and softness of the tote bag are very good, the mask is not easy Bad; draw outline: the position of the eyes and nose mouth should compete for the eyeball in the ball. Of course, it is not possible to rely solely on the mask. The style of the costume is very important. Here is the easiest way to teach you a trick! Take a white sheet over your head and it will be very big. Take out two holes to reveal your eyes, just OK. If you still want to continue to squat, you can also draw two eyes on the white sheets on the back of the head, and you can wear a few holes and paint some pigments. To match the black night, the effect of re-lighting is particularly good. Shine on the clothes. It seems a little horrible effect, pumpkin light: material: 1 orange, silver bread rope 15cm, one-time convenient chopsticks, 1 decorative candle

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