Choose a character you like to play for Halloween

Choose a character you like to play for Halloween For Halloween, the most popular is the male vampire role, of course, for boys can still try to dress up as a beautiful superman or some pirates or something. Once you’ve selected your favorite characters, you’re ready to get what you need.

A variety of color props prepared. As for props, brooms, canes, magic shields and so on can be searched online directly, or some cities also have COSPLAY shops, you can buy them. Wig and mask and robe also need to buy, suggest can go directly to a treasure search, there are a lot of. In addition, some masks and various colors of paint are needed as well as fake nails.

Start dressing up as characters. After protecting skin to taste with good on the face and segregation, hit powdery bottom, use powdery bottom cream next. Then there is the oil paint, which can be worn with exaggerated colored eyelashes and false teeth. Put all your hair inside the wig and put on a bright colored wig. It’s best to wear a hat or horn clip on a wig.

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