According to the label of the clothes

According to the label of the clothes, hand washing and machine washing can prevent shrinkage. Not all clothes will shrink. It depends on the fabric of the clothes. If it is cotton, it is difficult to avoid shrinking. If you are afraid of shrinking, try to choose clothes such as polyester or linen that are not easy to shrink. Don’t buy cheap clothes with little quality. If you don’t have the certificate and label, the liquid droplets will fall into the clothes very quickly, so the quicker you clean, the cleaner. Use a plastic knife to scrape off the excess foundation. 2, then put a paper towel on the back of the clothes, use a damp paper towel to press the stain on the clothes to absorb most of the liquid foundation, and some of them will be transferred to the paper towel on the back.

This is based on the height of the boy

This is based on the height of the boy. It is recommended that you measure how high the baby costumes is before buying clothes for the baby. Because Costumes the three-year-old baby is high and low, there is no way to give you an accurate judgment. If you are really embarrassed to ask, you can do this. Generally, the height of a baby is about 100cm when you are 3 years old. When you choose clothes, you can choose 100 yards of clothes. If you want to wear it, you have some opinions on clothing matching. I hope my answer. Useful to you. You are right, college students should really start paying more attention to their dress. Advocating attention to wearing is not to encourage unnecessary comparison, a person’s attention to their image is the performance of their own responsible person, maroon hair, clear Danfengyan, like a bright amber, high nose, seductive sexy Thin lips. Wearing a clean white shirt, the buttons are only loosely tied to the bottom, while the top is open, revealing a strong wheat-colored skin, and a dark suited trousers with no wrinkles. The whole person exudes a kind of wildness and unruly

There is also black classic versatile with other color department

There is also black classic versatile with other color department of the single more prominent moreā€¦ What age wears what dress, wear right you just can more and more beautiful finally, still suggest to buy a dress or should know his body shape and actor and actress first, do not follow suit, buy the sheet that suits him most, collocation rate is highest to taste, how can you look for his style quickly already so? First of all, you have to figure out what you want to position yourself as, as a college student? New to the workplace? What is your temperament? The style of college students can be biased towards the girl channel to bring the latest fashion clothing collocation skill, including show thin, high, spring, summer, autumn and winter and other different occasions, different colors of clothes is tie-in My pajamas network to provide you fashion, tide, personality, style is tie-in, recommend online shopping is worth to pay, pay attention to the latest fashion trend, fashion street snap, share the wonderful dress collocation, dress collocation

Choose a character you like to play for Halloween

Choose a character you like to play for Halloween For Halloween, the most popular is the male vampire role, of course, for boys can still try to dress up as a beautiful superman or some pirates or something. Once you’ve selected your favorite characters, you’re ready to get what you need.

A variety of color props prepared. As for props, brooms, canes, magic shields and so on can be searched online directly, or some cities also have COSPLAY shops, you can buy them. Wig and mask and robe also need to buy, suggest can go directly to a treasure search, there are a lot of. In addition, some masks and various colors of paint are needed as well as fake nails.

Start dressing up as characters. After protecting skin to taste with good on the face and segregation, hit powdery bottom, use powdery bottom cream next. Then there is the oil paint, which can be worn with exaggerated colored eyelashes and false teeth. Put all your hair inside the wig and put on a bright colored wig. It’s best to wear a hat or horn clip on a wig.

According to the most popular legends about the origin of Halloween

According to the most popular legends about the origin of Halloween, it originated in the ancient western European countries before the birth of Christ, mainly including Ireland, Scotland and wales. The people of ancient Western Europe in these places were called druids. Druid’s New Year’s day on November 1st, New Year’s eve, druid people let young people gather in groups, wearing all kinds of strange masks Saman would summon all the spirits of those who had died that year, and these evil spirits would be punished by being reincarnated as beasts. Of course, as long as the thought of such a gathering of ghosts, it is enough to make the minds of the simple fool heart of the war of understanding. So they lit the sky of the bonfire, and closely monitor the evil spirits. All over Europe, Halloween is now seen as an opportunity to have fun, tell ghost stories and scare each other. So people no longer use this festival only to praise the autumn light, but let it become a real “carnival”. And makeup is one of the Halloween traditions.

How do boys make Halloween clothes?

How do boys make Halloween clothes? You can find an old dress first, then cut some cloth and simply stick it behind. . . Plus some decorations on the clothes, the head can be used to make a hat with a cardboard to find a paper tote bag, A3 white paper is attached to the inside, the hardness and softness of the tote bag are very good, the mask is not easy Bad; draw outline: the position of the eyes and nose mouth should compete for the eyeball in the ball. Of course, it is not possible to rely solely on the mask. The style of the costume is very important. Here is the easiest way to teach you a trick! Take a white sheet over your head and it will be very big. Take out two holes to reveal your eyes, just OK. If you still want to continue to squat, you can also draw two eyes on the white sheets on the back of the head, and you can wear a few holes and paint some pigments. To match the black night, the effect of re-lighting is particularly good. Shine on the clothes. It seems a little horrible effect, pumpkin light: material: 1 orange, silver bread rope 15cm, one-time convenient chopsticks, 1 decorative candle

Halloween is coming soon have you ever thought about making

Halloween is coming soon have you ever thought about making a Halloween costume? The following small series gives you a picture of the production method! Steps/methods These three old clothes, a T-shirt, a vest, and a hoodie are used to cut out the small paper and then cut the black clothes into eyes. The theme of Halloween is ghosts, scary, and things related to death, magic, and monsters. Usually things that are related to Halloween are ghosts, ghouls, witches, bats, black cats, owls, goblins, zombies, cockroaches, pumpkin heads and demons, as well as fictional characters such as vampire zombies and Frankenstein.The New Year’s Day is also the time to sacrifice the souls. While avoiding the interference of evil spirits, we also worship the ancestral spirits and good spirits with food to pray for the winter. The night before (that is, Halloween), children will wear makeup, wear masks, collect sugar from house to house.